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Impact Test Sieves, available in woven wire and perforated plate, manufactured to European and American standards.


Test sieves of metal wire cloth (woven wire)
ISO 3310/1
BS 410/1

Test sieves of perforated metal plate
ISO 3310/2
BS 410/2



Standard Specification for Wire Cloth and Sieves for Testing Purposes
ASTM E11-04

Standard Specification for Perforated-Plate Sieves for Testing Purposes
ASTM E323-80

Grain Sieves

Test sieves for cereals
ISO 5223

Screen Tray Sieves
For use with High Capacity Screen Shaker

All Impact sieves have a serial number

The use of serial numbers provides traceability for quality assurance systems.
Included with each sieve is a certificate of conformity to the applicable specification, which bears this serial number.
Stainless Steel Test Sieve
Laboratory Test Sieve
Framed Testing Sieve
Brass Mesh Test Sieve
Wire Mesh Sieves
Standard Sieve
Soil Sifter
High Frequency Sieve Shaker
Grading Sieve
Perforated Plate Sieves
Mic Test Sieve Co.