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Brass Mesh Test Sieve also named brass mesh sieve, brass test sieve. Brass mesh test sieve commonly used as a filter. It can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, pharmacy, metering, etc.

Brass Mesh Test Sieve Material: Brass Wire.

Screen Type: Woven or Perforated

Brass Mesh Test Sieve Wire Diameter: 0.15mm

Standard Sieves and Test Sieves: Diameter: 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm,20X5cm, 30X5cm

Grading Sieves, Sieves for Grain, Medicine, etc.:
Diameter: 10X5cm,15X5cm,20X5cm,25X5cm,30X6cm,40X7cm,45X7cm,50X9cm,60X10cm
Concrete Sieve: Diameter: 15cm,13cm,17X5cm,20X5cm
Square Opening Sieves, Round Opening Sieves and Wire Mesh Sieves for Coal:
(Wooden frame opening: 0.2-100cm)45X35X10cm,75X75X10cm,90X60X10cm

Custome orders are also welcome.

Brass frame and brass cloth test sieve Test Sieves Brass Mesh Test Sieve
Square Hole Test Sieve Brass frame and stainless steel cloth test sieve Brass frame and cloth test sieve

 Brass Mesh Test Sieve Feature:

  • Acid and alkali resistance,
  • High temperature resistance
  • Non-magnetic
  • Uniform aperture size
  • Long time use

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